I have a stock of one to two dozen baskets at any given time.  Below are a few examples of baskets I make frequently (minus the little boat!). 

I take custom orders.  I also repair baskets!  Please email me with requests.

Log Basket
What we call in North America a "wood box". To keep the next stove-full of firewood by the wood stove. Approx. 14" base, 25" across top, 18" tall
Log Basket handles
Strong wall handles, comfortable to hold
Round Shopper
Approx. 9" base, 15" across top, 18" tall including handle.
3-rod Waled Top Border
Uniformed clipped ends you'll see on most of my baskets.
The Little Sailboat!
I don't make many "artsy" items but this officially enters that category. I take this to markets with me and display business cards in it. Approx. 11" long, 6" tall
Oval base shopper
Approx. 16" by 9" and 12" tall
Harvest basket with top handles
Approx. 24" across top, 12" tall, 13" across base
Base of harvest basket
2-rod twined base
Wall of harvest basket
Double French randing viewed from inside of basket
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