When I was younger and often went to visit my grandparents in rural Quebec, my Grandpa Harley and I would drive along the sideroads and peel our eyes for wildlife. Grandpa was one of the most curious people I have ever known, and he loved nature. We'd inch along the road, binoculars in hand, and then I'd hear him say, "Look! Back of that field, six does, do you see the fawns there too?"  The car would stop and we'd study what we saw.  In the early spring he'd often have me wade into the ditch to cut pussy willows and red osier dogwood to bring home for Nana.


In the winter of 2015 Grandpa Harley entered the strange world of the hospital, where he worked with the question of "when to die?"  We all did what we could to support him and each other, and to work with the medical system as he slowly lost strength.  As the time grew closer, my Nana honored me by asking me to weave his urn.  She said, "Put lots of red osier dogwood in it, he loved that red!"





The urns I have available are of the same design as the one I made for Grandpa Harley.


  - Most are approx. 10'' tall and just as wide, with the base being around 8" across.

  - Lid fits tightly.

  - 100% cotton, unbleached muslin liner, hand sewn into the urn.  I purchase the muslin from my beloved old place of work, the Textile Co. in Greenfield, MA, the most incredible fabric store you will ever come across.  (Extra fact: crematories give the bone bits/ashes in a plastic bag, so no worries about ashes leaking through the muslin or the weave!)

  - $200, with extra for shipping or delivery.