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Willow Coffins

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Do you have an interest in weaving a coffin for yourself or a loved one?  I love offering to people to come to the shop and work with me on their coffin. You don't need weaving experience, as I will set you up with the easier parts of the process and help you along the way.  You can bring materials from your own land or gathered wild.  Plants such as grape vine, bittersweet, willow, kudzu, and others can be used as weavers in the sides of the coffins.  

Also, if the low end of the sliding scale is more than you can afford, please reach out and we can work something out.  I prioritize making this accessible to people in my community, and I have a wide sliding scale so that people who can afford the higher end will sustain costs for people who can't afford to pay as much.

Sliding scale pricing

Adult coffins: $2,000 — $4,500

Infant coffins: $500 — $1,200

Child coffins: $1,000 — $3,500

Burial trays: $800 — $2,500

Pet coffins available upon request.

Pre-orders require a deposit of $400. 

I offer delivery within 200 miles of Turner's Falls, MA for an additional $200. Shipping is available upon request. 

Unbleached, cotton muslin liners or shrouds are available upon request, no additional cost.  Locally sourced cotton and sewn by Mary.


The handles on the coffins are unbleached, American grown cotton and made in North Carolina by Ravenox rope Co. 


Coffins are all weight tested, the average adult coffin easily carries 500 lbs.  Larger size coffins have added weight support, to carry up to 800 lbs.




Urns are approximately 10" tall and just as wide, with the base being around 8" across. The lids fit tightly. The liner is unbleached muslin liner, hand sewn into the urn. 

$200 - $500 with extra for shipping or delivery.  Shipping within the US is usually $15-$30.



willow coffins

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