2022 is my seventh year teaching basketry classes.  

In a one day workshop:  

We will make a frame basket, traditional to the Roma peoples of Europe.  Learn to make hoops, work with the willow, add ribs, make a God's-eye fasten, and shape your frame basket.  All students make and take home their own willow frame basket.

In a two-day workshop:

We make a round-base basket, like the one in the picture on the left of this page.  Learn to make the slath, two-rod twining, staking up, 3-rod waling, French randing, a waled border, and handles of your choice.  Take home a round-base basket to use for the rest of your life and the skills to make more.


A note on coffin weaving:  I've had many requests for an apprenticeship program to teach coffin weaving.  Here is the info in short:  try making a basket first and see if you like working with willow.  I offer intensive and one-on-one learning options for basketry, email me for more info on that.  If you have land, or access to a long-term agreement on someone else's land, look into starting a big patch of willow, to supply your work.  Then please reach out and we can chat about weaving some coffins together.  I also love hearing from people who are excited about learning this craft and so always feel free to reach out and share your excitement and how you first heard about this skill!

2022 Workshop Schedule

Round-base workshop

July 23-24

Warner Public Market, Warner, NH


Round-base workshop

July 30-31

Maine Primitive Skills School, Augusta, ME


Green Burial Talk

August 26, Lichen Center, Blue Hill, ME


Round-base Workshop

August 27-28

Lichen Center, Blue Hill, ME


Round-base Workshop

September 10-11

Gloucester, MA

Email Sarah Wonson to sign up:


Short cone basket workshop

Groundnut Gathering, Montgomery, MA

October 9, 10am

*this is a two-hour class as part of a larger weekend learning

  and community event!



2021 Workshops

July 23, "What is Green Burial?" talk by Mary Lauren Fraser at the

Lichen Center, Blue Hill, Maine.  

July 24-25, 2021, 10am-4pm

Round base workshop at the Lichen Center, Blue Hill, ME.

July 31-August 1, 2021, 10am-4pm

Frame basketry workshop at the

Maine Primitive Skills School, Augusta, ME.

August 21-22, 10am-4pm

Round-base workshop.

Please email me to sign up.

September 4-5, 10am-4pm

Round-base workshop

Please email me to sign up.


2020 Workshops

July 15-16, 10am-4pm

Frame basketry class, Maine Primitive Skills School, Augusta, ME


August 9, 10am-4pm

Frame basketry class, West Townshend, VT


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