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Trained in classical violin for the first decade and a half of her life, Mary studied violin as an instrument intensively.  Since moving from the classical music world into traditional music, she has traveled to many places with rich fiddle traditions, immersing in the tunes and styles of Ireland, Scotland, Appalachia, Quebec and New England.  With the Suzuki Violin Teacher certificate, and many years experience teaching at Maine Fiddle Camp, Pinewoods Camps, and festivals, Mary is a skilled teacher for all ages and abilities.  Mostly performing solo, she has collaborated with other musicians and artists in New England in a wide range of creative and performance projects.  Some recent projects include researching and learning old traditional ballads of New England, from the Helen Hartness Flanders collection, and starting a new music, song and dance camp in southern Vermont called The Riverjam Romp.  Also see her artwork and collaborations with “crankies” in the links below. 


Mary plays for dances, weddings, house concerts, funerals, parties, re-enactment events and more.  Please be in touch about booking or hiring for teaching. 



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